Learning German For Business

If you want to do business with one of the largest trading nations on the planet, visit one of the most exciting countries on vacation, or simply do a little bit of weekend sightseeing in one of Europe’s most interesting capital cities, then you might want to learn the German language.

If you type in “Learn German Language’ in Google then you will be amazed at the twenty five million or so results. If you start reviewing now at ten results to a page it will take you a lot longer than the Google search engine which took a mere .25 of second.

The problem is that with such a large selection of results for your search, where do you click?  Do you want to start from scratch? Add to what you know? Expand your vocabulary? Do you want to unravel the secret of German grammar or discover why most German words seem to be over ten letters long?

Yes there is so much more to learning German than you would think, but it pays to sort out exactly what you want before you start looking. Remember to improve your German memorization skills. Here is another example link word German lesson.

The edge that the link-word technique has is how a German word is linked to an English word by using matching sounds between the words.

Let me give you an example on how to use these techniques.

English word = kitten
German word = das Kätzchen

Imagine a KITTEN working as a chef in a hotel KITCHEN.

A silly scenario, but it causes your mind to remember the words. It does not even have to be exact. Focus on the sounds created when pronouncing German words, for it is the key to the link word technique.

So time taken now in deciding which course you should study and how you should approach those studies can first possibly save you money and secondly make the learning experience more enjoyable.
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