Where to Learn German

You can’t live in Germany without the German language so you’ll have to learn it if you already don’t. Some people are struggling about where to learn German and what is a best way to do it. So here are some tips about how to learn and where to learn German language.

1. Attending German classes, courses. If you are residing in Germany right now and are searching for courses, it’s most likely that there is Volkshochschule near you. It’s an institution where languages are thought. German is one of them and they have all levels through A1-C2. It also isn’t a problem if you are a working person because they do not only have an integration course but also evening classes. Check out their webpage, find your city and look for Deutsch als Fremdsprache (German as the foreign language). Prices are not too high and teachers are great (depends on the person of course). The method of teaching is also great – they teach German in German. At the start your tutor will speak very slowly and use very basic set of words. But when you develop your ears to German language, you’ll go forward step by step. I’m sure you’ll find one in your city if you’re not in Germany as well.

2. Learning by yourself. It’s not really so easy to make yourself do something and do it on schedule. I recommend this method as the secondary one to attending classes. You can listen audio books, buy a grammar book for home use and do the learning at home as well. You might take a look at German learning software – professionally made lessons which will improve your grammar and understanding of German.

3. Practice to hear the real language – watch German TV channels, watch DVD’s with English subtitles, tune up to a local radio station, read a book (the one for kids will be great for start). I recommend you to check out the local library. You can even check the google for “Stadtbibliothek ‘your_city’ ” to find where is one near you. There are a lot of books, German courses and media there. Membership will cost you around 10 Euros per year but it’s really worth it.

4. Go out and speak. All the effort you put in learning the language is not worth it if you don’t practice. Speak in the supermarket, café, anywhere. That’s how you’ll develop your speaking, understanding and listening skills. It’s very hard at the start and you won’t understand all the things people will say to you but it’s only about the time and you. Also German people are really friendly and they won’t laugh at you if you say something stupid. They will try to understand you and they will do anything to make understand them if they will see that you try but not say only “Nicht Deutsch sprechen” – this was my favorite phrase at the start. Now use “Ich spreche nur ein wenig Deutsch” – “I speak only basic German” when it’s really needed and I can’t understand anything.

That’s how and where to learn German but probably you knew it before but it’s really good if you’ve found some new method for you here.

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