How To Start Learning German

There are many ways to learn German. These days you can learn German from the internet, from audio CD’s or tapes, you can attend classes and get lessons there or have personal one on one teaching. The choice is yours.

On of the best ways on how to learn German, if you are able to, is to visit the country for a period of time. Usually most people find that they start to pick up a language in a couple of weeks and if you visit Germany you will definitely have more than a couple of weeks worth of places to visit and see. And of course you don’t have to restrict your visit to one occasion; you can visit again and again because Germany is a beautiful place.

Whether you want to go to Germany or not, you should study German words. You can not speak the language unless you know the words. The best way to memorize German words is by using the link word method. It is a method of acquiring language ability faster. With the link word method you will learn German words with ease and can learn to speak German a lot quicker than normal.

So learn how to improve your German memorization skills. Here is an example link word German lesson. The edge that the link-word technique has is how a German word is linked to an English word by using matching sounds between the words.

Let me give you an example on how to use these techniques.

English word = helmet
German word = die Helm

Imagine a HELMET holding on to the HELM and navigating the ship all
by itself. A very unlikely picture, but it causes your mind to work and it
retains what you try to imagine. It does not even have to be exact.

Focus on the sounds created when pronouncing German words, for it is the key to the link word technique. It is a great way on how to learn German

Also renting German videos is a great way to ‘hear’ German while you keep up with the plot using subtitles. Use the link word technique with other ways to learn German as fast as possible.

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